Mozart in the Jungle – If…


If I was a professor, I’d make all my students watch “Mozart in the Jungle,” during class. I’d bring popcorn, wine and a platter full of cheese. Of course, I’d only allowed those who were 21+ to drink alcohol. After each class, I would assign homework. One week they would attend a symphony, on another week they would learn about the oboe, and so forth.

The students would end the semester appreciating classical music, passion and diversity. Oh, and did I mention what their final project would be?

They’d have to get Gael Garcia Bernal, who plays Rodrigo, to come to class. (I would automatically pass every single one of my students with an A+.)

But, why? You may ask.

Well, because he’s my favorite actor since “Amores Perros,” and I’d like to meet him someday…


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