A Boy Named Ignazio

I had a boyfriend named Ignazio. He was a few inches taller than me and owned a white GoPro camera. Do they even have white GoPro’s? Who knows? Every once in a while, he would call me. We talked about the most random things you could imagine: emojis and gifs. Yes, that was our language. Very romantic, I know! He lived an hour away from me, in a city called Duodécimo. Everyone there walked and rode their bikes to school, church and work. How did I know? Because I’d spent almost every weekend there. The funny thing about Ignazio, was – that we’d be in the same place, but at the wrong time.

Every so often he would ask me: “Are you here yet?”

I’d simply reply: “LOL”

But for some odd reason, we never seemed to stumble upon each other.

The days, hours and seconds passed and we’d always end our conversations with the usual: 😊, HEHE, [GIF], [GIF]. 

Until one day I had the courage to say: “We should definitely meet up!”

“Of course, let me know when”, he’d replied.

Finally, the day arrived. September 16, to be exact. I patiently waited for him at JOHN’S BURRITOS. Sadly, he never showed up. I had waited hours, minutes and seconds, but he was nowhere to be seen. I looked down at my burrito, half eaten by me, and stared at my phone. Then unexpectedly, I saw my left hand getting ready to dial. That’s when I realized… my boyfriend was imaginary all along.


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